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We are serving our valuable customers since 1980 and have always trued to give all possible favours including time deliveries in all circumstances plus unmatchable rates.

We have fleet of latest trucks and trailers with qualified drivers and remain always in contact with our drivers via cellular communication while traveling.

Company has its own warehouses both in Lahore and Karachi with active Labour staff. Express freight services have been prepared to meet need of heavy parcels or export shipment. This service is trailer made to meet to customers demand from door to door and to Port.

We are the well reputed and renowned transporter in the Pakistan Transport Industry with country wide branches net work and have good experienced and expert staff for handling cargo.




Pak Afghan Goods Transport will represent quality to our customers and to ourselves. We will provide to our customers transportation services that meet all mutually established requirements in a safe manner, every time. We will provide a hassle-free environment for customers, suppliers and fellow employees.






When I was young, my cherish desire was to serve my country and its people. My fathers dedication and whole heartedly supported me to establish Transport Company.



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